04 Collective

Eden is a collective of free thinkers and doers. We teamed up to create a place, where free minds thrive. And we call our vision of that free place Eden.

Through open-minded ideation and radical candour, we help clients grow their businesses. Oh, and we love to share a great pot of coffee with great people. So, please reach out to one of us below.

Benjamin Borch CEO & Partner [email protected]
Jesper Wolff Olsen Partner & Business Design Consultant [email protected]
Andreas Borch Partner & Strategy Consultant [email protected]
Christian Højbo Møller Growth Consultant and Performance Specialist [email protected]
Phillip Studinski Growth Optimizer & Data Analytics Consultant [email protected]
Tinuke Iyore Paid Growth Consultant [email protected]
Johannes Bratbjerg Account Lead [email protected]
Rasmus Kølbæk Creative Producer [email protected]
Laurits Brok Pedersen Developer [email protected]
Vendela Barck Paid Media Assistant [email protected]
Trina Ana Kajzer CRM & Automation Specialist [email protected]
Anthony Avolio Data Analytics & Optimization Consultant [email protected]
Christian Møller Sloth Lead Media Consultant [email protected]

The North Alliance

Eden is part of the North Alliance, which unites marketing, technology, design, and freaking nice folks.

The foundation of a stellar performance is a spectrum of divergent thinkers. The North Alliance gives a chosen set of companies the opportunity to do great work. We combine our forces and  cross lines between businesses disciplines. Our diverse points of views make our brainstorms crazier, our office life more spicy, and our work, well, for the lack of better words – goddamn delicious.

We’re a family of thirteen agencies across five countries. Scandinavian by heart. Challenging the norm. Covering business innovation, brand experiences, and business consulting.

This is the promise of North Alliance: in collaboration we do better than alone. Done with eager and passionate people with a strong drive and genuine curiosity. In Eden, we don’t just see it, we feel it on a daily basis, in the hearth of Copenhagen.