01 Values


The organising value of Eden is free collaboration.

As a member of Eden, you may at first find the freedom that we offer you dizzying. Heck, you may even find your freedom petrifying. But don’t worry. Help is on the way.

Soon, with the aid of your friends in Eden, you’ll get an epiphany. You’ll see the obvious ways to seize the possibilities in our collective. You’ll see that you’re not alone. And you’ll take action. And in time, you may even wonder why other firms haven’t organised themselves in the same way.

The center of our free collaboration is our open dialogue. We celebrate deliberate thoughts, independent views, and odd-ball ideas. In Eden, the strong argument beats power.


We value

Contention over Consensus
Freedom of Choice over Chain of Command
Candor over Compassion
The best way to organise our people is around values, not rules. A goal, not a boss. A collective, not a career. Andreas Borch Partner